From California to Hawai’i – just 2100 nautical miles

IN June 2014 Fraser Hart, Samuel Collins, Colin Parker, and James Wight will attempt to win the New Ocean Wave Great Pacific Race by being the quickest 4 man team ever to row from Monterey, CA, to Honolulu, HI. That’s the route below.

Picture 7

Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii

Team Pacific Rowers, as we are collectively called, will spend five weeks flitting between rowing, sleeping and eating the most calorie-intense food we can get our hands on in a vessel not much bigger than us, hoping the sight of those lush Hawaiian volcanoes will make the whole adventure worthwhile.

The boat will be laden with the latest staying alive equipment, powered by solar-charged batteries, including communication devices and water desalinators, and also necessities in the event of an emergency – when 1,050 miles from civilisation. More importantly, we will be able to blog.

All information about our trip – including preparation, training, and how your company can jump onboard our challenge – will become available on this website.