Let’s face it, rowing the Pacific isn’t a cheap endeavour and to save us from eating raw fish and driftwood plucked from the ocean, we could use your help. The costs of the whole expedition including the boat, shipping, food and drink, equipment, marine courses and travel to and from the US will exceed £60,000.

Through kind donations from partners, families and friends, every donation from as little as £5 will help the team significantly. However you choose to donate, every penny goes into the same pot and some amazing causes will benefit, which you can read more about here.

We’ve listed a few options for consideration below, and appreciate your kindness and support in advance.

1. Buy Miles

Buy sea miles from just ����5. We’ll tweet and blog your name in appreciation and take exclusive photos during your miles, so you get to own part of the race and experience. £5 for 5 miles, £25 for 25 miles, £100 for 100 miles … and so on. If you want further exposure and exclusivity, the whole voyage (2,400 miles) is exclusively available for £2,000 – a discount of £400.

Click here to buy sea miles

2. Buy Oar Strokes
If you prefer bigger numbers, you can buy oar strokes, from a minimum 100 to 20,000/day, or 1m – the whole trip. Simply divide the number of strokes by 100 to donate, eg. £10 buys you a 1,000 oar strokes and £100 buys you 10,000 (or half a day hardcore rowing)

Click here to buy oar strokes

3. Calorie Burner
We’ll be burning 5,000 calories/day or 20,000 combined. Buy all calories for a full day (£20) or one of us at ����5. We’ll mention you in a team blog post and email details of the motions we go through when we burn through the calories.

Click here to burn calories

4. Keeping in Touch
We’ll miss our loved ones and will need to keep in touch and keep them informed about the expedition. Help us cover the costs of our sat phone to call and text, priceless. Well almost … 100 mins / $50 or 500 mins/ $200

Click here to buy sat phone minutes

5. Go Plastic Neutral and Help Protect our Oceans
The Bad News: Did you know that plastic bags and other trash have created a toxic “plastic soup” in all of our oceans? The plastic causes illness and death in thousands of marine animals each year, and eventually makes its way into our diets as well.

The Good News: There is something we can do about it. Part of our environmental campaign involves raising awareness about plastic debris and garbage in our oceans and we’ll be rowing directly through the Great Pacific garbage patch

  • Are you still using plastic bags in supermarkets?
  • Is your bathroom full of shampoos and shower gels in glossy plastic packaging?
  • Have you ever lived a day without using a plastic?

We all need to reduce, reuse and recycle and there’s an opportunity for you to Action: We’ll be participating and organising ‘beach clean-ups’, collecting plastic rubbish before, during and after the race. In fact, we’ve already started. We also have a plastic challenge, see how you stack up.

From beach cleanups pre-race and post-race, to plastic fishing during the race*, you can donate £50/litre of rubbish collected during the race and/or £50/50 litres of rubbish before and after the race. We’ll send you a certificate of appreciation for your efforts, and you’ll sleep better at night on your next holiday near an ocean, knowing you’ve helped contribute to drive much needed change.
*Note plastic rubbish collection will be limited during the race due to space on the boat.

Click here to go plastic neutral

6. Birthday Boy
Our youngest crew member Sam will be celebrating his birthday during the crossing. To the delight of his older crew mates, Sam will add another year and catch up momentarily with the more senior crew men in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean, a birthday he’ll never forget. Donate £50 for Sam’s birthday basket, so we can toast Sam’s birthday with a nice bottle and some cake.

Click here to buy a bottle of booze for Sam's birthday

7. Naming Rights
From just £5, you can join us ‘in spirit’ and get your name embossed onto the side of the boat or in the cabin or on an oar, the more you spend the better the position and exposure.

Click here to get your name on the boat

8. Special Requests
We’re open-minded and will be more than happy to receive personalised requests from businesses or individuals not included above, so feel free to email us at: for a special request to be considered.

Click here to buy a special request

9. Charity – Hope & Homes for Children
We’ve teamed up with Hope and Homes for Children, an international charity working to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family. Our vision is a world in which children no longer suffer institutional care.
Go here to donate to this fantastic cause!


Donate Now!

We currently accept donations via Paypal and Bitcoin.


You can also request your donation to

Please let us know if you have any special donation requests, and if you wish for them to remain anonymous or be public.

Click here to make a donation and help us win the Great Pacific Race


You can donate via bitcoin to: 1N9FQYm7DcTivE3HCDkDQrZt49DnmaVCFZ or use the QR code below. Due to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin, please let us know who you are so we can give you your thanks. If we are able to raise 5btc through donations, we will put the Bitcoin logo in a prominent location on our boat.



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