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Our Pacific Rowing Race entry packs are here!

New Ocean Wave Pacific Rowing Race Pack

After a great drive home from work in the best weather we’ve seen yet this year, I walked through the door to find a nice surprise. My New Ocean Wave Pacific Rowing Race entry pack has arrived having only been put in the post yesterday.

In it are race rules & appendices, and information pack, an ocean chart, various forms to fill out and return and a brochure of freeze dried food. I’ve spent the evening poring over the chart and putting together my menu for the weeks at sea. I’m going to be eating a lot better on water than I do on land.



Team Pacific Rowers has a logo

AFTER a lot of hard work and back and forth, Team Pacific Rowers has its official team logo.


Huge thanks to graphic designer, photographer and videographer extraordinaire Tom Crane at Crane Creative in Etchingham, Kent, for putting in the miles on what I think is the sweetest logo I’ve ever seen.

Tom has also done work for Team Boatylicious so he’s fast on his way to becoming the official unofficial graphic designer for the New Ocean Wave Pacific Rowing Race for 2014.

Tom can be contacted through his website: or via twitter on @Crane_Creative


We’ve officially entered the New Ocean Wave Pacific Rowing Race

TODAY marks the day Team Pacific Rowers became an official part of the New Ocean Wave Pacific Rowing Race for 2014.

We’ve paid our deposit and are listed on the entrants page of the New Ocean Wave website. It’s a very exciting time for us. If I wasn’t already reeling from the booze last night, I’d certainly be popping a bottle open to celebrate. Instead, I’ll have to make do with Aspirin, water and bread.