Pacific row crewmate in sponsored Auckland sea clean

Press pic oneTeam Pacific Rowers sculler Colin Parker has launched a sponsored #auckland sea clean to raise money for the city’s Sea Cleaners and help fund his world record quest in June.

Sponsors will be able to “pay” Colin to scoop up rubbish from the city’s beaches, harbours and rivers and will receive certificates of participation and their name etched onto the side of his ocean rowing boat.

See the flyer here: Auckland Sea Clean or visit the campaign’s Indiegogo site.

Colin, along with friends Fraser Hart, Sam Collins and James Wight is attempting to row from California to Hawaii in June and with it become the first foursome to make the crossing. It is likely to take six weeks in an eight-metre boat and will involve the quartet rowing in pairs in shifts of two-on, two-off 24 hours a day.

The team is rowing to raise awareness of plastic in our oceans and has already launched its own #plasticfree campaign.

indiegogoimageIn his litter pick, sponsors can donate from $20 to pay for Colin to pick up rubbish from the waterways. Ten per cent of all money sponsored will be donated to Sea Cleaners.

Companies wishing to sponsor more money will receive additional benefits, such as branding on the side of the ocean rowing boat, the Britannia 4, and photos from the middle of the Pacific.

Colin spends about one day a week volunteering with Sea Cleaners – which is contracted by the Watercare Harbour Clean-Up Trust – at various locations around the harbour and gulf, including Tamaki and Whau rivers, Rangitoto Island, Henderson Creek, Rakino Island, and more.

You can find our more about the work of Sea Cleaners and the Watercare Harbour Clean-Up Trust here.


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