Monthly Archives: September 2013

Pacific Rowers September Update

It’s been a while since we have updated our blog but things have been going feverishly behind the scenes here. Over countless hours of Skype meetings, we have finally decided on our sponsorship packages and are in the beginning stages of sending proposals out to a select few companies who we would like to get involved in our campaign. Check out our sponsorship pack here.

On the media side of things, we though it would be fun to commission a song to be written and recorded for us. The somewhat… interesting… result can be seen below with a video we created to go with it. Seems there was a bit of miscommunication between ourselves and the artist. He read “British” as “Jewish”. Not ones to grumble though, we think it’s pretty amazing.

We also had an ad go out on a US based sports podcast. You can listen to the ad here:¬†–nfl-ncaa-football-mlb¬†Click through to 13:20.

More excitingly than all that, we’ve been checking out a number of boats to carry us across the Pacific. We’ve narrowed our options down to a couple and within a few days we should have big news!

Before signing off.. here’s a picture of James practicing sleeping on board one of the boats:


Sleeping on an ocean rowing baot