Team Pacific Rowers makes the Californian news

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We have a mention in the Monterey Herald. Click the above image to read the full story.

WITH confirmation in Monterey this week that the first Great Pacific Race will leave from the Californian town, Team Pacific Rowers managed to get a mention in the local newspaper.

The Monterey Herald reported race organiser Chris Martin’s announcement that the inaugural ocean rowing event will leave from the city’s marina, and with it a quote from Pacific Rowers crew member Colin Parker.

The team’s Twitter feed was followed by Herald journalist Phillip Molnar, who Colin contacted immediately after leaving a job interview with the NZ Herald in Auckland to see if assistance was needed with any story he was writing.

Phillip replied that a quote was required, so one was pinged to the reporter from a Samsung mobile while riding on a suburban Auckland bus as deadline approached.

With the story of the race now broken, it will now be 13 months of securing media attention to raise awareness of the oceans, and for our corporate sponsors.


14 thoughts on “Team Pacific Rowers makes the Californian news

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